Dipsea Trail Segment and Muir Woods

October 27, 2014

This run started at the trailhead of the Dipsea Trail on Panoramic Highway in Mill Valley, above Muir Woods. The trail was a steep descent along the hillside to the Muir Woods Parking Lot, picking up the trail again on the opposite side of the lot. From there the trial was virtually straight up the hill, now and then becoming less steep to give my poor calves a rest.


Once in a clearing of the trees, I could see the coastline to the south, displaying Ocean Beach and Pacifica in the distance. Near the top of Cardiac Hill, I split off to the right and took the Ben Johnson Trail, back down to Muir Woods and the Fern Trail. A beautiful downhill run, with most of the trail moist as the canopy of the trees provides little sunlight to dry out the trail and hillside. Steep hillsides covered in brilliant green mosses and ferns, with redwoods lining the trail down to the Muir Woods Boardwalk. Once back at the wooden boardwalk, I had hundreds of tourists to contend with, so running now would have to wait for traffic to clear.. It did provide for a pit stop and water to refill my water bottle with.

Now back up the steep incline of the Dipsea Trail, back to Panoramic Highway and my car parked on Sequoia Valley Road. A few stops (well, many stops) to let my heart get back below tachycardia, I made it back to the ridge and a easy jog back to the car. Not much on distance today, but plenty of cardio and heavy calf workouts. Now for a hot shower, as I reek of sweat from my little run.


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