Big Rock Ridge

My first attempt at trail running started close to home with a 7.5 mile run to Big Rock Ridge in Marin County. One third up the climb, I had a nice view of Skywalker Ranch, of George Lucas fame, now owned by Disney. The trail is mostly open with little shade for relief from the sun that day. Towards the summit I was happy to get a little breeze to cool my sweat on the way back down.

Near the top, I met Jennie and her 14 year old daughter Olivia, a freshman cross country runner herself. We chatted foursome time, enjoying the view for a s long as we could before heading back down. Instead of running back down like  I aspired to do, I chose to be sociable with Jennie and Olivia. With Olivia’s youth and long legs, it was more like a brisk non-stop walk back to the trailhead. Just as well for my first day out.


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