Bolinas Ridge

A very scenic route, inspired by a recent 50k event, put on by the Baytrail Runners in Marin County, brought me out near the west Marin town of Olema. Mostly rolling pastures, populated by many cows, calves and steer alike, the trailhead starts off of Sir Francis Drake Blvd., about a mile and a half before you reach the town of Olema proper at Highway 1. The trail is a dirt access road for ranch hands attending the cattle until it branches off to a single track trail turning west up a hill then south along the ridge. I missed the turn from the road as I was looking at where I was running, trying to avoid the pasture pastries in the road. Once I was on the correct Bolinas Ridge Trail, it was mostly a straight shot all the way down to the Panoramic Highway, 20 miles to the south. Today I was only on an exploratory mission, and won’t be going that far today. About 2½ miles down the trail I came to a nice picnic table…great spot for a rest, drink of water and a snack. Also a great place to sit and enjoy the unobstructed view of the hills on the other side of the San Andreas Fault, as the valley below with Highway 1, runs along the fault. The trail now is a single track running through brush and trees along the ridge line. This is the limit of my run today, but will be back again when I can recruit a friend to run with me…I would like to leave a car at either end of the run, so I don’t have to do an out and back. I don’t think I’m ready yet for more than 15 to 20 miles at the most in one day’s run. I’m not as young as my mind thinks I am, so I want to take it slow and not injure myself. Once again, enough blah blah and on to the pictures.


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