Trail Running

Inspired by my “Trail Goddess” friend and mentor, Candice Burt and friends I met with the Tahoe200, I have taken up trail running. I am training to be in better shape for Tahoe sports while enjoying the outdoors in my Marin and Sonoma Counties. Though not directly related to my Tahoe adventures, trail running will allow me be in prime physical conditioning to explore more of the Tahoe area in a shorter period of time. Recently I have befriended other experienced adventurers and photographers that post their blogs here on WordPress, getting additional ideas for more trails and destinations to explore.

UPDATE: March 2015

Well this weekend we get our daylight back, so off to the mountains I’ll be going soon. I’ve recently bumped up my trail running in the last week, as my knee has not been barking at me as much. Posting some recent activities tonight…stay tuned!


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